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Deploy in Multi-National Organisations and Enterprises.

Overcome tedious software installations, patches and configurations but enjoy always up-to-date software upon login – throughout your organisation, with all your partners, suppliers and associated institutions.

Plug-in free for browsers and tablets

Forget clumsy plug-ins. You use Coreon as a light weight web application with your browser or tablet. Coreon supports any recent browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and higher or any recent version of Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome).

Large data ready

Coreon renders large concept maps containing several ten thousands of concept nodes, capturing dozens of languages with several hundred thousand terms.

Reliable Software-as-a-Service Solution.

Mission critical enterprise workflows in mind, Coreon’s data storage is, for instance, delivered with built-in snapshotting functionality. Each Coreon repository / account runs in its own protected space under a reserved IP address, accessible only through the secure HTTPS protocol. All servers are operated in data centers residing in Germany.

Data snapshots
Nightly backups
Monitored hardware

Data snapshots


Ever wanted to go back to a previous stage of a database? Create as many data archives as you want upon a mouse-click. Even better, Coreon automatically creates a snapshot of your valuable data before starting an import – to easily un-do the far-reaching changes an import may have caused.

Nightly backups


Do not worry about backups. The Coreon cloud service automatically runs a backup of all your data every night.

Monitored hardware


Coreon system administrators are automatically alerted about potential upcoming shortages or failures to provision you always with ample hardware resources.