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Integrate and Share.

Coreon is not a silo solution. Through its RESTful Web API you leverage Coreon as a backbone. Tune enterprise search engines such as Apache Solr or enhance a social media analytics algorithm to cater for cross-lingual needs. Integrate Coreon into your translation or authoring tools and benefit from higher precision term interactions through taxonomy motivated fall-back and clarification rules.


Integrate Coreon MKS into your line of business application. Already the whole Coreon user interface is based on the API and its JSON data structures.

Import / Export

Import or publish your knowledge system in Coreon XML, ISO TBX, W3C SKOS, Microsoft Excel, or even custom formats via XSLT transformation. Loose validation strategy facilitates even the import of resources that contain properties not defined in your model.

Unique Links

Bookmark and link to any single data value in Coreon. Every concept, every term, every value has its unique, persistent ID – this can become the target of any link pointing from other solutions into Coreon.