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Coreon is the most advanced SaaS solution for multilingual knowledge systems. Coreon is used by leading enterprises for global efficiency, by public institutions to achieve interoperability, and by e-commerce to drive cross-border revenues.
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What is a Multilingual Knowledge System?

An MKS combines Knowledge Organization and Terminology Management to provide an information infrastructure. An MKS unifies knowledge with language by combining concept maps with terminology data. The concept map semantically links the individual entries while each entry itself is elaborated into potentially dozens of languages with unlimited descriptive and documentary information.
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Coreon in America

This year’s KMWorld in Washington showed that multilingual is a hot topic. Analytic search becomes tricky when corporations are being drowned in content and internal communications in multiple languages. We talked about how intelligent solutions embed multiple language ontologies in Search.
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New Feature:

Enterprises and regulated environments such as Health Care, Finance, Legal have a critical need to be able to inspect a protocol of data changes. Coreon's revisions now provide complete documentary evidence about who changed what and when. Instead of only tracking the last change a complete chronological log clarifies any value change no matter whether just recent or from long time ago.
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MKS for e-Commerce

With the speed e-Commerce is developing serious players have to sell cross-border right after launch. It is key that the products are easily found, also multilingual. Think of the product catalogue as a tree or a graph. This structure is then coupled with the surface terms to be found in the relevant languages. The multilingual taxonomy is then learning from what customers search for and is adapted accordingly.
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